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Author: Karen M

I am a lifelong reader and a more recent writer. I took up the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014, to join all those helping to raise the profile, hopefully worldwide, of our very own fine women writers. I'm doing it again this year because it's still a great cause and there are still a lot of great Australian women's work to read! I'm doing the Franklin again, 10 to be read, six to be reviewed. I found last year, that my reading needs to be free to roam across genres, authors, and all the rest. So, ten books and six reviews might should be manageable and I might even do more :). Reviews of other books that aren't written by Australian women are over at Goodreads ... tho' I'm not nearly so committed to writing them :)

2 thoughts on “random bookie things

  1. Oh, I love this already, my book friend 🙂 And what better way to start the year than with the immeasurable Amanda Curtin! I almost envy you … the first time of reading Sinkings. Be warned, you may never recover! I’m still debating whether to do another challenge or just finish writing my book. I’ll watch this space with love and glee 🙂 You are going to be awesome, I know. And I fully expect to see your astounding poems appear on this page or I will hound you to Melbourne and back xxx


    • thank you Rashida, that’s very encouraging! You have a big beginning to your year, so reviewing would be an added challenge; having said that, I rather selfishly hope you do take up the challenge, since your reviews are my go-to list for excellent books!


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