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So, I haven’t had much to say for a while; I’m snowed under with sorting, packing, ending things.  I have started three books – The Snow Book by Alexis Wright – which I have set aside until I have proper brain space, since it looks like a good book, but not a a book for going to sleep by. It deserves more than that. the second book I’ve started and progressed a ways into is “Indelible Ink” by Fiona McGregor. It is put-downable, though to be fair, I think I need to persist a bit and let it’s complexities unfold further. The third book on the go is Amanda Curtin’s “Inherited”, a collection of short stories, which are thus far delightful and delighting. I’ll read them all before reviewing. So, for those who have asked, that’s where it’s at!

Author: Karen M

I am a lifelong reader and a more recent writer. I took up the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014, to join all those helping to raise the profile, hopefully worldwide, of our very own fine women writers. I'm doing it again this year because it's still a great cause and there are still a lot of great Australian women's work to read! I'm doing the Franklin again, 10 to be read, six to be reviewed. I found last year, that my reading needs to be free to roam across genres, authors, and all the rest. So, ten books and six reviews might should be manageable and I might even do more :). Reviews of other books that aren't written by Australian women are over at Goodreads ... tho' I'm not nearly so committed to writing them :)

4 thoughts on “reading is slow…

  1. Oh yes, I agree, reading i slow and I too am in the throes of packing, finishing, letting go – so have dipped into Gone Girl (donated by you) and Walls Of Delhi, but all I want to do is read (and not write!) However – would love to hear what you think of the 3 you’ve started. Inherited is the only one I’ve read and it’s magic 🙂


  2. Well, sounds like you’re doing well! I’m alternating between The Famous Five and The Hunger Games! My attention span is currently limited. However, I’m also looking forward to Inherited, which is on my bedside table. 🙂


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