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A Little About Me

I created this blog in 2014 when I decided to do the Australian Women Writers Challenge and needed somewhere to put the reviews; I hadn’t discovered Goodreads had an AWW page at that point. I had great fun creating the blog, then came the task of writing reviews for the first time ever. In 2015 I tried to make them shorter. Perhaps not a lot shorter, just a bit. I did the Franklin challenge in 2013 and 2014 and didn’t participate on 2015 – we’d moved house (again) and I had other things to think about.

So, here you will find only AWW reviews. Other reviews – there are only a few thus far since I only just started doing it because I thought it would be good practice – are over at Goodreads, under Karen M.

I was a Clinical Psychologist and analyst in private practice (and might be again), and after twenty-seven years of keeping stum about the stuff of my days, I wanted to have a voice in the world – hence the title of the blog. I have things to say! Sometimes I wonder what they are.

I took a year off in 2014 – and I’m still having it. I thought I would read an entire library in that first year but it wasn’t like that. In fact I found myself resistant, unwilling to commit to ‘proper’ books with worthy, weighty themes and demanding prose, so I (eventually) let myself off the hook and allowed myself to read anything and everything. Like I used to. That includes a few Scandi crime novels, a little chick-lit, some sci-fi/fantasy, a few really excellent books aside from the AWW selections, and now my reading self is feeling much revived.  I still don’t much like  ‘dick-lit’ full of guns, guts ‘n gore, but I’ll read almost everything else. Except Westerns. I do wonder about the atrophy of reading due to the effects of the internet, which is never the ‘quick look’ I intend it to be and which steals time that might be better spent reading or writing. Oh yes, I’m writing now. I have discovered its difficult, it doesn’t come easy just because one reads a bit. So, I’m learning the craft and loving it – well, most of the time.


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